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Details Fine-Print-Creative-Minds

Fine Print Although he is credited with changing history through his invention of printing, Johann Gutenberg remains mysterious. In Fine Print, author Joann Johansen Burch pieces together Gutenberg's amazing story. When Johann was a child in the early ...

10,99 EUR*
Details The-Confident-Creative-Drawing-to-Free-the-Hand-and-Mind

Using simple methods and yogic theory, this unique guide focuses on the art of drawing as a way to unblock creativity and create artistic confidence. Both practicing and beginning artists will learn to develop drawing skills, overcome creative blocks ...

25,95 EUR*
Details Minds-on-Music-Composition-for-Creative-and-Critical-Thinking

This book offers both a rationale for the presence of composition in the music education program and a thorough review of what we know of children's compositional practices to date.

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Details Musical-Genius-A-Story-about-Wolfgang-Amadeus-Mozart-Creative-Minds-Biographies

Musical Genius A musical prodigy, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart began playing the piano and composing when he was just three years old. Able to play multiple instruments, among them the piano and violin, Mozart spent much of his youth touring European ...

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Details WHY-Experience-contacts-and-a-creative-mind-can-not-be-replaced-at-all

Writing a book about daily work? You may ask why? Daily new experiences with people and projects reach me, people with diverse backgrounds and challenges. Therefore I would like to share my experiences and results in this book: cases and conclusions ...

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Details A-Hunger-for-Learning-A-Story-about-Booker-T-Washington-Creative-Minds-Biographies

A Hunger for Learning When nine-year-old Booker T. Washington was finally freed from slavery, he soon discovered that freedom had a price, and that he had to work, and work hard, to make his way in the world. After years of study and struggle ...

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Details Manage-Your-Day-to-Day-Build-Your-Routine-Find-Your-Focus-and-Sharpen-Your-Creative-Mind-99U-Band-1

Manage Your Day-To-Day Stop doing busywork. Start doing your best work. Are you over-extended, over-distracted, and overwhelmed? Do you work at a breakneck pace all day, only to find that you havent accomplished the most important things on your ...

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Details Unleash-Your-Creative-Mindset

Unleash Your Creative Mindset is a simple, daily method designed to reprogram your mind by tapping into your creative mindset, which will unleash an unlimited supply of new ideas, eliminate writer's block, motivate the user to overcome procrastination ...

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Details Creativ-Company-Textile-Solid-50-ml-Kiwi

Hochwertige, wasserbasierte, deckende Textilfarbe (auch für dunkle Textilien), langlebig und haltbar Der Stoff sollte mind. 50% Baumwolle enthalten. Bügelfixierung nötig für Waschbarkeit.

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Details Learning-to-Silence-the-Mind

Wellness Through MeditationBroschiertes BuchThe mind has the potential to be enormously creative in dealing with the challenges of everyday life, and the problems of the world in which we live. The difficulty is that instead of using the mind as a ...

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Details CREATIVE-ART-MATERIALS-Caran-Dache-Pastel-Cube-Set6-Sunflower-7806002-by-CREATIVE-ART-MATERIALS

Extra fine dry pastel cubes;Supplies;Use to cover large areas or for fine detail;Contains 6 cubes and 1 sandpaper for sharpening;Sunflower color assortment with the artist in mind

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Details Creative-Haven-Dream-Doodles

Twenty-eight intricate images offer a mind-expanding coloring experience. Look closely to find hidden images among the wild, swirling designs. Answers are included and illustrations are printed o on one side of the perforated pages for easy removal & ...

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Details More-Chinese-Brain-Twisters-60-Fast-Fun-Puzzles-That-Help-Children-Develop-Quick-Minds

Get your family's brains going with 57 more creative calisthenics for the mind In China, for centuries it has been acknowledged that early childhood training supports lifelong intellectual growth. For generations, parents have taught their children ...